Pixel Hub Games List

20 Games to Play | All the Features of an Arcade Game
Game Controls
  • Mobile Device: Tap & Swipe Screen / Virtual Gamepad
  • Keyboard & Mouse: Arrow Keys, Spacebar, Mouse
  • Gamepad: D-Pad, Buttons
Here is the current list of games you can play on Pixel Hub with more games on the way!

Bouncy Break

Aim your cannon and breaks all the bricks before they reach the bottom in this popular mobile game

Skyscraper Builder

Time your taps perfectly to line up the building layers and build as high as you can


Swipe up to rotate the pieces, swipe left and right to move them, swipe down to drop them faster


The "original" mobile game on Nokia phones that started a new era in mobile gaming. Swipe or use the arrow keys to move your snake to eat the food, growing your snake every time you eat, but don't run into yourself!

Hot Swap

Combine like numbers by swiping up, down, left, right to reach 2048 without running out of spaces

Kart Racer

Swipe or use the arrow keys to jump the gaps and avoid the obstacles on the road

Space Invaders

Many of you will remember this one. Swipe left or right or use your arrow keys to shoot all the aliens before they reach the bottom

Careful Flight

Swipe left or right to avoid the incoming fighter jets but be ready because the afterburners really kick on in this one

Gravity Run

Swipe up or down or use your arrow keys to avoid the walls

Lava Trap

Swipe or use the arrow keys to bounce on the platforms and try not to land in the lava


I think we all know how to play this one! Swipe or use the arrow keys to avoid the ghosts and eat all the dots. Eat a power pellet then eat the ghosts for extra points.

Flappy Bird

Tap the screen or click the mouse/space bar to stay in the air and avoid the walls

Laser Tap

Tap the screen or click the mouse/space bar to jump and avoid the laser beam that comes from all directions and speeds up

Block Stacker

Time your taps perfectly with a screen tap or left mouse click to drop the blocks on the platform without them falling off. How high can you stack them?

Arrow Tap

Left mouse click or screen tap to time your shots and hit the target. Be careful though, it speeds up every time you hit it!

Bouncy Wall

Challenge your brain and reflexes in this super fun game. Screen tap or left mouse click as many times as necessary to make the block jump to the required height. The object is to hit the part of the wall that is the same color as the block. Good luck!

Circle Pong

Move the paddle around the circle to bounce the ball around without missing by tapping and holding or using the arrow keys.

Cube Runner

Run or jump between obstacles and don't touch the spikes!