PHT Token Economics

All payouts from in-game rewards are paid out in BNB from the rewards wallet, same as the reflections.

Pixel Hub Contract Address: 0x7a4A9D34A825b28259c6B229111E216367c81a99

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PHT

Circulating Supply: 550,000,000 PHT

Percentage of Supply

Fees and Rewards

Fees and taxes can be adjusted to accommodate current market conditions and project sustainability.
Buy Fees (9% total)
Sell Fees (9% total)
In-Game Rewards: 3%
In-Game Rewards: 3%
Reflections: 3%
Reflections: 3%
Dev Fund*: 2%
Dev Fund*: 2%
Liquidity Pool: 1%
Liquidity Pool: 1%
*Dev Fund is mainly used (but not limited to) for Pixel Hub growth, including: Marketing, Development, Listings and more.
Tokens for sale: 132000000 PHT
Token Price: 660000 PHT - 1 BNB
Distribution: 100% of tokens will be distributed after the launch.
Tokens for sale: X
Token Price: 100000 PHT - 1 BNB
Distribution: X
51% of the total supply will be locked for 10 years.

In-Game Rewards

Payouts from in-game rewards are distributed once per week and are paid in BNB on the BNB Smart Chain "BEP-20" (formerly Binance Smart Chain) issued from the in-game rewards pool.

Tournaments (in the Future)

Currently Tournaments are free to participate to gain more attention

25% of PHT entry fees for tournaments will get sent to the burn address. The top 3 positions in the tournament will receiving the following percentages of the total remaining pot in PHT tokens.
  • 1st Place - 45%
  • 2nd Place - 20%
  • 3rd Place - 10%
  • Burned - 25%